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Distributed Testing - Real-Time Results
The MIRS provides a comprehensive testing and evaluation module, MDK T.E.S.T., capable of administering, scoring and providing real-time feedback to employees and managers. The resulting snapshot of competency levels across any number of dimensions assists employees to assess their own capabilities, provides data necessary to guide human resources departments in hiring new staff, assists in the development of targeted training plans and provides the data necessary to certify employees to a preset standard. Results of the testing and evaluation suite can be summarized in reports designed to meet the needs of employees, managers, trainers, human resource professionals and certifying agencies. Pre-tests can be linked to supporting documentation in the document module to assist staff in accessing additional learning materials.

Turn-key Solution
Instant Results
Proactive Training and Development
Imports Existing Tests and Surveys
Tests and Surveys available in multiple formats such as multiple choice, graphic labeling, column matching, true/false, essay question
Easy to use, configure and modify
Need More Information?
Download the MDK-T.E.S.T. product info sheet:  pdf logo MDK-TEST.pdf

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