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Say Good-Bye to Redundent Paperwork
MDK FORMS allows for easy conversion of existing paper-based forms into electronic web-based forms. All form data is then stored in the database, making it searchable and eliminating the need for redundant data entry. When a paper copy of a form is needed, it will look exactly like the original paper form when printed. Research and analysis on data collected via Form data entry is a powerful feature for organizations.

The MDK-Forms Suite allows organizations to migrate their existing paper-based forms into a flexible web-based format. The MDK-Form module accepts data input through standard web-based forms, and defines how the data should be processed and displayed.

Once collected, the data can then be saved to any content management system, database, or data repository where it can be made instantly available to other applications across the organization. If the need arises, the data can also be shared with vendors, suppliers, or other business partners, eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

When a paper copy of a form is needed, MDK-Forms produces a fully populated PDF file that exactly matches the original paper form when printed.

Electronic Web-Based Form Collection
Convert paper forms to electronic forms
Easily distributed
Flexible web-based format
Shared data
Corporate Branding
Need More Information?
Download the MDK-FORMS product info sheet:  pdf logo MDK-FORMS.pdf

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