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Indexed and Searchable Documents - Instantly
The MIRS platform provides an enterprise class document management suite to help you gain control over your organization's valuable information. The document manager stores and manages all types of document, multimedia, and data files. This extremely versatile application allows users to upload multiple documents and files quickly and easily. Once uploaded the documents are indexed and become completely searchable using our powerful natural language search engine.

The latest training documents, research and development information, drawings, spreadsheets, policies, procedures and forms and other corporate information are now rapidly available to your staff. The MDK-Document Management application not only manages existing information it can also be used to track changes, and to create a log of when files were edited or added. Users update a document by checking it out and locking it, to ensure that, while other users may view it, only one user is able to make changes to it at a time.

When a document is edited the system tracks the different revisions, keeping a detailed history of the date, time and author of each update. Automatic e-mail notification can be turned on to notify users of changes in existing documents, or when new documents are being added to specific folders.

The approval process for new documents or for changes in existing documents is made more efficient with the MDK-Document Management application. Administrators or authors are able to assign individual users or entire groups permission to view, edit and post documents in order to best maintain the integrity and security of the information.

Custom configuration of the interface and directory structure to match an enterprise's business processes is quick and easy.

Converts documents to web-ready format and publishes in one step
Converts files into a 100% searchable online database using our powerful natural language search engine
Drag and drop ease of use
Documents retain original formatting
Documents are viewable with any browser
Printing of documents can be enabled or disabled
Print a single page or an entire topic with the click of a mouse
Less than 5 minutes of training required
Table of contents allows easy navigation of large documents
Deliver consistent, standardized documents using document templates
Convert any format (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF's, WordPerfect, etc.)
All embedded images are converted (BMP, PCX, GIF, JPEG, TARGA, PNG, TIFF Etc.)
Enhance your documents with multimedia content, (.avi files, mp3s, etc.)
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